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Finacial Advisory


Capital Raising

We help individuals and companies raise capital and expand investing portfolios with your vision in mind. With ADM Securities, you have access to our deep financing network and proprietary strategy to help you raise capital.


We provide specialized consulting and advisory services to corporations, family businesses and private sector companies looking for guidance on developing a capital finance strategy and buying/selling securities.

Why choose ADM Securities?

Our Capital Financing Strategy

We provide you with a comprehensive strategy that determines the amount of financing needed for you to reach your business growth goals, determine how to attain this financing and analyze all financing options to create the best mix of debt and equity financing that meets your long-term company objectives.


Our in-depth financial investigation and business analysis has a proven track record of achieving sustainable growth for our clients.

Our Network

Our strategists, traders, economists and analysts have experience working across a variety of industries and financial markets. This allows our team to identify the appropriate mix of investments for your portfolio goals, as well as provide you with insight on investments you may have never considered or had access to.


Our connections and relationships include institutional investors, hedge funds, and lenders specializing in a variety of industries that can help you raise capital and secure financing.

Our Guidance & Expertise

The process of raising capital is complicated at any given point in your company’s growth. Our team has gone through the process many times – from family-owned businesses with vested interests to large corporations with hundreds of employees – we help you navigate all the financial challenges to find the best terms for your company.

Our Professionalism & Integrity

Having a dedicated brokerage firm to help you solve critical issues accompanying buying and selling securities, and raising capital and finance for your company brings credibility and a level of sophistication that is necessary in the capital raising process.


Experienced and serious investors want reliable financial information and having a brokerage firm with a professional reputation in the industry, gives them confidence in the information and data you supply, as well as builds your overall trustworthiness.

Our Senior Level Attention to Clients & Relationships

With a dedicated professional focused exclusively on a particular financial sector, our team’s expertise allows for us to provide our clients with insight and in-depth knowledge to make the best choice to help achieve your goals. This level of detail will ensure you have the right information that investors, venture capital firms and hedge funds are looking for.

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